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Here's a little something I found to help you improve and make you art better.
It's also very fun to do... ENJOY!
Fact: You don't have to make them all, just the ones that interrest you.

1. Draw an image, copy it three times and colour each differently/with different colours.
2. Draw something beautiful.
3. Draw something ugly.
4. Draw fanart of your favourite thing.
5. Draw something with no same colour used twice.
6. Draw a short comic of 3-7 panels.
7. Drawing using only two colours.
8. Cg a drawing, colouring it with three depths of shades and three depths of lighting.
9. Cg a drawing in black and white.
10. Draw an imaginary object.
11. Cg. Scetch, lineart, colour. Use an hour or more for every step.
12. Traditional. Scetch, lineart, colour. Use an hour or more for every step.
13. Cg a drawing using tools that mimic brushes and tools in traditional media.
14. Cg/traditional draw a face, male or female. Design a decorative makeup/tattoo to decorate the face.
15. Traditional inks. Colour with colour pencils.
16. Scetch a dynamic pose of a human. Feets can't touch ground and hands can't be on sides of the waist. No matter if you finish or not.
17. Draw something with not your usual style. Be it a mock or not.
18. A 10-frame animation. (Flash, Flash Player. Adobe Imageready, etc)
19. Do a pencil-drawing with pencil/charcoal and eraser only, and finish it with proper shading and such.
20. Draw something very detailed.
21. Work out a traditional work that has 3d elements added to it, like fabrics and plants and etc
22. Draw something very simple.
23. Draw something very small. (for example; A5/500 x 500)
24. Draw something very big. (for example; A3/2000 x 2000)
25. Draw fanart of your least favourite series, presentable, not mockery.
26. Draw your favourite animal.
27. A traditional painting using only acrylic/watercolour/oil-colours, et cetera.
28. Draw something you've never drawn before, not even scetched.
29. Do several scetches of the object/organism you have the most trouble drawing.
30. Traditional draw something using colourpencils only
31. Draw a zoomed in image of a bodypart of a human, something from neck down.
32. A traditional inked lineart, coloured with one or two colours only.
33. Draw something from the bird-eye view.
34. Paint something with coffee.
35. Draw something surreal.
36. Draw a battle.
37. A traditional pencil-scetch coloured with watercolours.
38. Draw a nude human. No exaggerated tits or penises.
39. Take two photos of ordinary everylife objects. Combine and photomanipulate them in Photoshop (or any other program) into one extraordinary object.
40. A pixel-drawing with pixels only. Atleast 100px x 100px big.
41. Draw a bird flying.
42. Do a cg using magic-wand and fill-tool only.
43. Draw a vehicle.
44. Do a collage. Of magazine-clippings, fabrics, buttons, pins, etc + you can use an ink-pen to create effects or details.
45. Cg a drawing without a scetch or a lineart. Begin with the colours and continue with the colours only.
46. Draw a portrait of a live human of your choice. Caricature or realistic.
47. Design a decorative outfit of your liking.
48. Do a small sculpture, no more 20 cm or less than 10 cm in height. You can use clay or even play-doh.
49. Draw a drawing and colour it with three shades of one colour only.
50. Draw an animal with surrealism added to it.
51. Draw an imaginary/existing landscape.
52. Draw something with foreshortening.
53. Pick two characters (your own or someone elses), male and female. Genderbender them.
54. Take a photo, and cg a drawing on it, like the character or the drawings belongs into the photograph.
55. Draw something using only one line aka not lifting your pencil off the paper. You can do this with tablet too but it might be harder seeing how the work-space is limited?
56. Draw someone chubby.
57. Draw an imaginary/existing building.
58. Draw a character doing two things at once. Standing/breathing et cetera not allowed, something dynamic and lively please.
59. Draw a character doing four things at once. Same notes as above.
60. Draw something traditionally and Photoshop it so it looks digital.
61. Draw an anthromorphic character.
62. Oekaki, 500 x 500
63. Draw someone thin.
64. Draw your least favourite thing, presentable, not a mockery.
65. Copy a famous painting and change things to your liking but not so much it's not recognisable anymore.
66. Draw a picture copying famous styles, art noveau, children's illustrations, church paintings, et cetera
67. Open a book near you and draw what's happening on the page.
68. Listen to a song, and illustrate what it reminds you of or what visuals it brings to your mind.
69. Close your eyes and draw five scribbles on a piece of paper. Then, try to make a drawing or character out of each scribble. You can add on to each as much as you like, but you can't erase any part of the scribble.
70. Do a drawing using your feet.
71. Do a drawing using your non-primary hand.
72. Do a fingerpainting.
73. Put tiny splotches of watercolour on paper and wait for them to dry. Add lines to the splotches with a pen and see if you can make them something else than just drops of colour. Here is a fantastic example of what I mean.
74. Draw a person with one exaggerated bodypart
75. Draw a diarylike comic-illustration of your day.
76. Illustrate a person's change of expression through a comic (3-5 panels)
77. Draw a character (yours or someone elses) in a style of another series or person. (Not your own style.)
78. Create a wallpaper for your desktop. (Preferably from your own drawing)
79. Draw something beautiful and ugly. Use your imagination!
80. Draw an image, copy it three times and colour each with a different light-source and/or type of lighting
81. Choose a character or subject and draw it in a single or three different compositions three times, experimenting with a different line type/weight/dynamic in each one.
82. Choose three different media and three distinct textures and create a triptych composition in which you experiment with rendering each texture in some way: realistically, abstractly, etc.
83. Do a collage using materials, paper-clippings, fabrics etc only, no pens this time!
84. Draw a picture without erasing anything, including the scetches and mistakes
85. Draw a huge insect with all the details visible.
86. Design five different underwear in five different materials.
87. Draw something seasonal.
88. Draw something using shading only. (Black on white, etc)
89. Draw something using lighting only. (White on black, etc)
90. Have a friend you haven't gift-arted yet? Surprise them.
91. Draw a heterosexual couple. No mockery.
92. Draw a homosexual couple. (Two females. No mockery)
93. Draw a homosexual couple. (Two males. No mockery)
94. Draw an image that supports something against your beliefs. A presentable one.
95. Draw an image that has something to do with religion (any of them, no mockery)
96. Hit "random deviant" button until you find a deviant with an original character. Draw it, and no skipping! (Show it to the person too!) If you don't have any DEVIANTART adress, You can pick the first person in the BOWSER PAGE of FurAffinity.
97. Put your playlist on random, pick a song, find the lyrics for it and choose a random line or two which you will illustrate.
98. Draw one of your human-characters as an animal/one of your animal-characters as a human.
99. Pick one of your old, old drawings, and redraw it.
100. Congratulate yourself for a work well done and do an appropriate image of CELEBRATION. This is obviously the final task. I hope you had fun.

(Stole this from:… and i wanted to see if you were interested ^^ HAVE FUN!!)
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